January 23rd, 2006

breaking bad

You are like a hurricane

I spent this weekend on my hypnotherapy course. As always, much food for thought.

I have been thinking a lot lately about whether the human mind is best described a unified 'thing' which has changing characteristics, or as a bunch of transient processes which for convenience we consider as a unified and persisting entity. My instinct is that we don't have any permanent real existence, and that our existence is not firmly divided from processes both bigger and smaller than the personal level. My feeling is that a mind only has unified existence in the way a hurricane does - for convenience we give it a name and track it, but really it is part of a continuum of weather which merges with global systems, and arises from micro-level processes.

This links to hypnotherapy because I think we (and I include myself in this) can cling to bad habits, phobias, destructive behaviour, as a way of giving ourselves a spurious feeling of continuity and validity over time. I am the woman who is scared of flying (or the man who drinks, or the woman who can't go outdoors). If I stop being that, what will I be? I think this element of clinging is behind a lot of destructive habits and addictions.
breaking bad

The Prestige

Christopher Nolan is to direct a film version of 'The Prestige': Christopher Priest's disturbing (or boring if you listen to certain people) story of Victorian Magicians who utilise teleport technology with sinister (or boring :-) consequences. It will star Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Also Michael Caine (role unknown, possibly the butler).

Imagine all these sentences have exclamation marks after them. In my head they do.

I have to reserve actual exclamation marks for the final casting. David Bowie as Nikola Tesla! Well, he did popularise AC/DC (sorry couldn't help myself).

This makes me think of who you would cast to play all the great scientists of history, without using revered elderly actors. Like Newton played by Ralph Fiennes or Einstein played by Robert Downey Jnr. Or Nils Bohr played by Viggo Mortensen (Danish you see). Or Val Kilmer as, ooh, Feynman.

ETA read dissenting opinions about 'The Prestige' at instant fanzine here http://community.livejournal.com/instant_fanzine/136145.html
breaking bad

Biggest idiot ever

Stupid selfish man writes article in Guardian. Boo hoo, his wife had a daughter and it ruined his life. (I didn't think there were men any more who only liked boys). Boo hoo his second wife spent time looking after the baby he helped to make instead of being 'a mistress' to him like she started out as.

Amanda at pandagon hands him his ass as they say over there. Grow up enough you can tolerate the sight of a woman caring for the basic needs of your own offspring, or don't have children.