January 15th, 2006

breaking bad

Blood relations

nwhyte links to this paper which I can summarise as follows:

This study introduces a large-scale, detailed computer model of recent human history which suggests that the common ancestor of everyone alive today very likely lived between 2,000 and 5,000 years ago. Furthermore, the model indicates that nearly everyone living a few thousand years prior to that time is either the ancestor of no one or of all living humans.

And this essay on the same topic. This is well worth reading as it will take about five minutes and makes all the main points.
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breaking bad

Do you wanna?

Do you want to see Jamie and the 2nd Doctor embracing with half their kit off? Sure you do. Thanks to snowgrouse.

Do you want to see Jayne cuddling Mr T? Sure you do. Thanks to killerweasel.

But most importantly, do you want to watch an excellent video-portrait of Simon from Firefly? obsessive24 has created a very emotional one, to the tune 'Wires' by Athlete, which you can watch here. 'Down corridors, through automatic doors'.

And there's another good review of Brokeback Mountain by immortalradical here.

Listening to Franz Ferdinand 'Do you wanna?' ' today I thought what a good track for a Lost video. 'You're so lucky, lucky, you're so lucky' (in an ironical voice of course) and 'do ya wanna?' seem to sum up the appeal of the show. Which I do still wanna.