January 14th, 2006

breaking bad

Draw Batgirl

Have you seen the livejournal meme Draw Batgirl? You, er, draw batgirl. It spread around livejournal yesterday. There's a shedload of them, mostly by professional comic artists. Who knew so many of them had lj's?

Here is a list of all the batgirls. Many are very good. It is fascinating to see the many different ways people have interpreted the idea

Got, ironically, from metafilter.

ETA a lot of the pics are drawn by women, it seems, and I think that's something that has changed a lot lately, more women are doing graphic art, and in an funny and dynamic style.
breaking bad

Links to two excellent reviews

Lovely review of Brokeback Mountain by Matthew Cheney here.

A less tragic story might have made us all feel better about our ability to be accepting of each other, but it wouldn't have communicated why such acceptance is important with the same force and clarity. The sensitivity, commitment, and skill of the film-makers created a work of art that opened a space for everyone in that theatre to think about how they live their lives, the choices they make, the sacrifices, the prejudices. It opened a space for at least a moment of communication between ways of living that do not often get a chance to truly communicate, and to feel their way away from destruction.

Review(s) of Lost by abigail_n at her blogspot 'Asking the Wrong Questions' here. Relevant to questions I have about Lost, I see that abigail_n links to an interview with executive producer Carlton Cuse:

"you have to appreciate the journey and try not to worry about the endpoint. We're not in control of the endpoint."

not in control?

(if we tried to resolve it) "The network would say, 'No, you won't.' They will hire somebody and do 'Lost,' with or without you."

He also says that everyone can find a character on Lost to identify with. How accurate do you think that is?
breaking bad

This is politics in my country

I do not and will not watch Big Brother, but what the hell is George Galloway up to?

He purred and mewed, his greying whiskers giving his face the appearance of a Cheshire cat. Next, George Galloway, the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, and scourge of Capitol Hill, got on all fours and pretended to lick milk from the cupped hands of Rula Lenska. She rubbed the "cream" from his "whiskers" and stroked his head and behind his ears.

The pictures in the print version of The Guardian are hilarious to embarrassingly awful.

Also Simon Hoggart says he doesn't think Charles Kennedy had a drink problem. If that is true it is much worse for the Lib Dems than I thought. Dreadfully bad judgement shown by about half their parliamentary party.