December 26th, 2005

breaking bad

christmas invasion

I think Doctor Who is trying to do something unusual, so it shouldn't be judged by the normal rules. It's more like a mummers' show, perhaps, or a pantomime. It has a freight of communal meaning, not just for the Doctor Who fan community, but for all viewers.

A lot of modern films and TV use knowing genre references to entertain and bind the audience (Shrek for instance) and this is cool if it's well done and it often is.

Doctor Who is doing this for the genre which is not SF only, but the audience's lives. And I know the plot and dialogue were clunky in some ways, but that was because they functioned to support the meaning. I thought so anyway.

I love what they've done with Who, taking the weight of recognition and expectation which might have ruined the show, and using it instead to give it substance. It's a challenge that for instance James Bond has failed to rise to.

ETA - some spoilers now in comments