November 29th, 2005

breaking bad


A porn film with Daleks in it has been suppressed by the BBC. It really looks dire (that's a link to some screenshots, in British tabloid The Sun, in which bare bits are seen). According to the article 'it was five years in the making' but it's hard to see why. Extensive script rewrites to make it even sillier I suppose.

I stole this from nihilistic_kid's journal.
breaking bad

2005 a year in film

espresso_addict wonders whether this has been a bad year for films. I haven't felt so, though there's a big hole in my viewing when I was feeling under the weather earlier in the year. Contemplating this question I bought January Empire magazine wherein - the top 25 films of 2005. Here they are, with my nano-verdict on those I have seen. My overall impression - nothing stands out as exceptional, but then I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet, and I enjoyed a good few of these.
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breaking bad

Jonathan Strange - online seminar

Crooked Timber are running a seminar on Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. It includes a contribution by the author. You can read the whole thing online here (scroll back through the posts - and you can also read comments as people post them) or download it as a PDF here.

I haven't started reading yet, but I bet it's worth a look if you liked the book, which I did.

ETA - here is a fine quote from Susannah Clark

"I’m with Alan Garner: the landscape of England (particularly Northern England) is the bit of magic we can actually see and touch for ourselves"

I guess everyone feels this about their native land, but I do feel an immanence of magical power in the English landscape, and I admire Alan Garner for the way he portrays it.