November 17th, 2005

breaking bad


I went to see Franz Ferdinand last night at the NEC. It was to have been a family outing but H bowed out due to the late scheduling of the FA cup replay between Chesterfield and Orient. Sigh. Anyway, we invited one of Sam's gloomy long haired teenage friends along, and that worked out very well.

I've never been to a gig with so many teenage girls (Alex Kapranos is apparently an ultra-skinny sex symbol) they comprised about half the audience, the rest were blokes in their twenties, and a few families and oldsters like me.

Franz Ferdinand come across as very accessible and likeable. I'm not entirely sure why - I couldn't make out a word AK said and they just leapt about in strobe lights. I have a feeling it's because they are - apart from their current status - more or less the sort of people one mixes with socially. You know, sarcastic, clever, a bit casual. I think Kapranos was an FE lecturer, like I was at his age. I mean, I know they are somewhere else now. But something about them is 'we are like you, let's have fun'.

They put on a good show, and their music is fun and dancey. I was happy and smiling throughout. Assorted gloomy teenagers had a 'fantastic' time, which made me very happy. I think FF need to build up a bigger catalogue of songs, and if they can do that, they'll break through properly into the big time.

ETA - Orient beat Chesterfield 2-1, and H says he was 'freezing'.

EATA - review of the gig here