November 14th, 2005

breaking bad

Dilbert, I hardly knew you

Good to middling news: Scott Adams, author of Dilbert has a blog. Very bad news indeed: A recent entry in that blog takes the dreary 'there's evidence on both sides' stance on creationism versus evolution.

(according to ID advocates) Each branch of science... assumes the other branches of science have more solid evidence for Darwinism,although their own branch is lacking in that high level of certainty. In other words, the scientists are in a weird peer pressure, herd mentality loop where they think that the other guy must have the “good stuff"... if you think (that's) impossible, you’ve lived a sheltered life.

That's one short extract from a long piece, but if you think I'm misrepresenting him, take a look for yourself.

Dilbert's world weary cynicism descends on any toiler in the corporate world. Most of everything you are told is spin-doctored, if not downright made up. Every project serves someone's vanity. Cynicism becomes a reflex. Gossip and urban legend becomes more plausible than the official announcement.

Certain people, have latched on to this cynicism, for their own purposes. I''m just sorry poor old Dilbert has lost his way.