October 13th, 2005

breaking bad


Last night I had a great idea for a TV drama based on Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. In the original a young girl who is obsessed with gothic romances goes to live in her boyfriend's house 'Northanger Abbey' and imagines a murder mystery where there isn't really one at all.

In my imaginary TV show Catherine Morland, a highly intelligent but over-imaginative young woman, is obsessed with conspiracy thrillers like the X files and Spooks, and is recruited by the handsome Richard Tilney to work for 'Northanger Corporation'. She imagines it is some kind of front for a global conspiracy (or something, details to be filled in later) when actually it's a perfectly benign aid agency. Luckily, as this is fiction, it all ends happily with Catherine and Richard getting it on, and good works being successfully implemented.

The story is enlivened by extracts from the thriller in Catherine's head, where Richard Tilney and herself are the Mulder and Scully of some drama which is entirely in her imagination.