October 5th, 2005

breaking bad

Me and you and everyone we know

Me and you and everyone we know is a low budget independent film, written and directed by Miranda July who also stars. Though 'stars' isn't quite the word. This is a gentle sad comedy, set in a poor American suburb, about the little lives of underachievers. People want to make friends, but they are inept at relating to each other. They resort to embarrassing strategies, their shyness overcome by their loneliness.

Like Short Cuts or Magnolia this film is built up from a series of vignettes, though it's on a much smaller scale than either of them. It has no big stars or impressive characters. Children and adults feature, and there isn't much difference between them.

It's relatively explicit, and deals with the sexual feelings of young people in a non-offensive but not-romantic way. One subplot is about a little boy who converses with someone online who is obviously reading his innocent remarks (about 'poop' for instance) in an adult way. In another subplot a shy adult man puts increasingly obscene notices in his window to attract the attention of two very young goth girls. It's all kind of grotesque, but the film is humane and warm.

This isn't a political film, but it is nice to see (in the light of the Mo Movies Measure) a film where women are strong (and sometimes a bit scary) and relate to each other in complex ways.

If you like gently ironic films about little lives and ambiguous emotions this one is for you.

ETA happytune went too, and here is her review http://www.livejournal.com/users/happytune/45144.html