October 1st, 2005

breaking bad

A History of Violence

A History of Violence is directed by David Cronenberg, as in Existenz, Naked lunch, The Fly, etc. but it is just a well-made mainstream film. Viggo Mortensen plays a nice family guy in a small town,Collapse )
breaking bad

Notorious V.A.G.

happytune is planning to stage a production of the vagina monologues for charity, and asked me to perform in it. Being an immense show-off I am delighted. Man, the rest of this blog just writes itself... 'This part was made for me', 'I'm only to happy to play my part', 'I'll get stuck into the part', 'I hope I can pull it off' (no, that one doesn't work).

Anyway, I must get stitching on my costume. Sequins are so fiddly.