September 17th, 2005

breaking bad

The Democratic Genre

The Democratic Genre: Fan Fiction in a Literary Context arrived from Amazon at last. Written by one of my livejournal friends, but I'm not saying who because it's a sekrit.

Most fanfic crit I have read has been evo-psych or po-mo, the former simplistic, the latter evasive of meaning. A quick glance through tells me the written style of this is neither. It is literate, clear, but assumes the reader is comfortable with complex sentences, paragraphs and ideas. It is informative - of opinions, terminology, URLs, and quality issues.

True to its title, the book draws on the thoughts of the community rather than imposing a single thought onto them. I can see the names of many of my friends in there, but also many people I don't know. I think this a book which would appeal to readers outside of the circle that the author draws on, and outside of the particular fandoms that she describes. Hopefully it will serve as an envoy between the literary and fanfictional worlds.

These are early thoughts, as I haven't read this methodically yet.
breaking bad

Mightier than the sword

Remember we had a discussion two years ago, about which writers were the hottest? Comic book artists draw famous literary figures (characters and writers). Mostly American.

Many of them are marvellous.

Emily Dickinson


Thomas Pynchon (this one is great - but I didn't think anyone knew what he looked like?)

William S Gibson


A difficult interface (I used 'open in new tab' so I don't lose my place) but the pics are worth some time browsing if you like writers and/or comics.

Nominations for hot writers are still open (hint, hint).