August 18th, 2005

breaking bad

Exam results and swearing

Well, my son's first year A level results were not too good. He didn't fail but they were nowhere near what they should have been. I wouldn't be upset if I thought he wasn't very able - I'd be proud of his achievement whatever his grade. What makes me sad is that he is able, but he doesn't apply himself, through a combination of stubbornness, not enough faith in himself, and lack of application. But I have decided that I am not going to be angry, or tell him he hasn't done well enough, or that he has to change his ways. I've got one consistent message I am going to stick to: 'I believe you can do better'. I think my belief in him is the only thing I can contribute; at his age, he has to find the rest himself.

Fortuitously, glitterboy points to the silliest quiz ever - 'what swear word are you?'

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