August 4th, 2005

breaking bad

Immanentize the Eschaton

I wonder how people who don't read SF think about the future? Do they have the same range of scenarios and speculations that we do? Do they feel happier than I do just shrugging their shoulders and thinking 'wait and see?' Do they imagine that things will continue much as before?

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breaking bad

Imitation of thought

There is something about creationism that drives me nuts. I almost posted an angry response to a commentator on nostalgia_lj's journal. And here's one, a few seconds later on Crooked Timber (comment #6 to this post). I read all sorts of tripe on the Internet with equanimity but this stuff is really getting on my wick now.

I think I will run mad if I read any more about

- 'Darwinism' is a quasi-religious dogma
- Evolution is just a theory, and so is creationism, so there's nothing to choose between them
- Evolution is rendered impossible by the second law of thermodynamics

I know this is a minor point, but I feel like asking them 'OK, what's the first law of thermodynamics then?' Because I bet they have no frickin' idea. What makes me cross is that people latch on to some half-baked rationalisation and then they regurgitate it without any processing. It's not thought, it's the imitation of thought. It's 'hurry up and give me a reason not to think'.