June 29th, 2005

breaking bad

Word up

Nicky (obsessive24) has created a funny Firefly video to 'Word-Up' (covered by Korn). You can download it from here.

I like videos like this that are structured by a development of emotion rather than a narrative. If you are wondering what the appeal of the show is, I think this is a good sampler. They are all so terribly pretty. Hint - the best bit is the massive guy with the beard. Can't remember his name.
breaking bad

China Mountain Zhang

There are lots of new books I have been meaning to read, but instead I am re-reading China Mountain Zhang for like the fifth time or something. I think it's a lovely book. Maureen McHugh is a subtle writer, and the story covers some important topics. It may be one of those books which has changed my world view.
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