June 12th, 2005

breaking bad

Goren wins again

Then later in the evening two of us forced the others to watch Vincent D'Onofrio in Criminal Intent. It was a good episode. The darker side of threesomes in this case, with a nasty macho vet and a nasty Niles Crane-a-like seducing some ladies and then infecting them with horrible viruses. As Graham Garden said on 'I'm Sorry I haven't Clue' this afternoon: "I hope you like men who play it rough, because I brought one with me."

Anyway, Iain, clapping eyes on Goren said perceptively 'He dominates every scene in which he appears.' So true. This ability was tested in the next scene where the nasty vet took everything off except his briefs. However Vincent won the day by acting all submissive and flirtatious, and then pulling funny faces when his back was turned. So hurrah for Goren.