March 16th, 2005

breaking bad

East of Ealing

A link half-inched from coalescent - a tube map guide to films set in London. Most of these films feature the tube station itself IIRC. What tube station is the setting for 'Quatermass and the Pit'?

We could also add

- Passport to Pimlico (Pimlico)
- The Long Good Friday (Canary Wharf)
- Sliding Doors (Aldwych)

What about that Doctor Who, 'Yetis in the Underground' where is that set?
breaking bad

The Cuckoo

I saw a good film on BBC4, Kukushka (Cuckoo). It's set in Nothern Finland in 1944. two soldiers, from opposing armies, find shelter with a Sami (Lapp) woman. Yes, well, I like films like that. This one is quite funny, because the three protagonists speak three mutually incomprehensible languages, and they never learn to understand each other throughout the film, only you as viewer can read the subtitles and learn what they are all saying. I recommend it.
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breaking bad


Anyway, on the train of thought from that last film, here is another link from coalescent (hope you don't mind) this fellow argues that the Fonz is a shaman archetype.

What are the features of the shaman? (s)he has gone to the underworld (or overworld) and been reborn, but lives in this world. Interacts with the spirits on behalf of humanity. The spirits have given him/her magic powers. Usually has the power to call people back from the brink of death. Sometimes has the power of shapeshifting.

What shamans can you think of? Neo in the Matrix is an obvious example, and so is Dr Who. I was wondering whether they exist in more mundane contexts.