March 1st, 2005

breaking bad

Don't talk about Fight Club

I must pass on this comment from the lovely dsquared at Crooked Timber

'Jude Law is a big boy.' You're not kidding. He used to go to the kickboxing gym down the road from me. I joined it with the express intention of beating the crap out of him for Wings of the Dove. I quit after three classes as it was obviously never going to happen. I am not a small bloke, but despite looking all fey and weedy on camera, Law was a muscly 80kg and really quite tidy with his fists. Just to clarify matters, I never saw his cock.

He fought like a girl in I heart huckabees, but I guess that's why they call it acting.
breaking bad

Belief-like imagining

From philosophy blog, Fake Barn Country, some thoughts on belief.

(In) Gregory Currie and Ian Ravenscroft's fascinating book on the philosophy of imagination, Recreative Minds...(they argue that) for many mental states -- including beliefs, desires, and perceptions -- there is an imagination-correlate that is similar to, but not identical with, the state. So, when I imagine Hamlet killing Polonius, I have the belief-like imagining that Hamlet kills Polonius, the desire-like imagining that Hamlet check behind the curtain to see who's there before stabbing, and, if I engage my visual imagery, the sight-like imagining of the sword piercing through the curtain

I am interested in 'belief-like imaginings and 'desire-like imaginings''. Collapse )