February 28th, 2005

breaking bad


I have 'friended' the Livejournal feed from Snopes.com, which is a site that debunks (or occasionally confirms) urban legends and Internet rumours. It's interesting to find out what people want to believe - in my opinion stories which persist despite complete absence of evidence must be fueled by some other need, even for the macabre. Others grow up like pearls around a core fact.

Today's myth is that Clint Eastwood is the illegitimate son of Stan Laurel. It contains a nugget of truth - Clint was coincidentally born in the same month as Stan Laurel's real son - a premature baby who sadly died.
breaking bad


I very much enjoyed the Redemption SF convention. This is the only SF/fannish event I attend, and it only happens once every two years. The biggest point I want to make is my great appreciation of the efforts of those who organised it - in particular from my friends list watervole and steverogerson. How hard they have both worked, and what a lot we owe them for their effort. Thank you.

The other point I want to make is that an SF convention showcases a humble virtue which gives me an optimistic feeling - and god knows I need one these days. That is the non-judgemental quality that accepts the wide range of physical and emotional types that exist. I compare this to the dominant culture and the media which seem to define a narrower and narrower range of what is acceptable. In contrast it would be hard to imagine what would be 'unacceptable' at an SF convention, and I love it.
breaking bad

All the ingredients of a great night out

Reports on the five panels which I sat on. I wanted everyone to have a chance to express their own opinion, and hear about opinions and perspectives that might be new to them. Sometimes the conversation started to revolve entrely around a single fannish obsession (6th season of Buffy seemed a particular favourite) and I think that might be frustrating to people who hadn't seen that particular show. On the whole though, I think there was a lively discussion at every panel.

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