February 25th, 2005

breaking bad

Double plus good

At the moment wrestling with mixed feelings. There are obviously loads of things wrong with the NHS (British National Health Service) - many of these are things wrong with medicine in general, such as sexist or belittling attitudes. At the same time I don't want to criticise the NHS too much, because the alternatives are worse. And someday our lovely NHS might be taken away.

Also because some comments by some non-Brits (nobody reading this) are sometimes a bit ignorant. I've read people asserting that you can't get X rays in Europe because of the evils of socialist medicine (this was in a discussion of Princess Di's accident) that everyone in Britain has to take the same drugs because of socialist medicine (this was in a discussion about the side-effects of blood pressure medicine), and quite recently on comments to a friend's post that British hospitals are evil and scary places. I'm afraid I responded angrily because I had just spent several hours with a very kind surgeon, in a spanking new hospital built last year, going through a range of options in a totally supportive and kindly way. Having said that I also have some very hair-raising experiences which were borderline 'evil and scary'.
breaking bad

Off to Redemption

I'm going home to pack, and in about an hour gfk88 will arrive, and we'll drive over to the hotel for the Redemption SF convention. I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing all of my livejournal friends who will be there. I'm helping to run panels on:

'could a society exist without currency'
'feminist SF'
'is telepathy possible?'
'madness and SF'

I think I am anyway. Must re-check the programme.

Apart from that I'm intending to mostly eat and drink and talk all weekend. See you on Monday!