February 24th, 2005

breaking bad

I've got my orange crush

The REM concert was pretty good. The audience was very sedate: a lot of twenty-something middle class types, the women in nice blouses and understated gold necklaces, the guys with slacks and check shirts. Nice but fairly dull types, they slightly jigged about in a desultory way from time to time. *sigh* The mosh pit (hem hem) seemed to contain a bunch of silver-haired college lecturers. LOL.

I wasn't so keen on the songs from the current album, but they also delivered, very tightly and forcefully, some good old favourites like 'What's the Frequency Kenneth' and 'Crush with Eyeliner' or whatever it's called. I'm a big fan of 'Imitation of Life' too, so it was good to hear that.

All in all, very glad I went. They got a load of rousing cheers for their anti-war and anti-Bush stuff, even from the aforesaid boring middle class types :-)

One last point - several of the well-groomed spent much of the time recording the event on their mobile phone camera things. Then checking back a previous song, and missing the current one, and so on. My annoucnment to the world in general is therefore stop experiencing your life via mediating gadgets. Kthnxbai