February 23rd, 2005

breaking bad

That's me in the corner

I'm supposed to be going to see REM tonight at the NEC Birmingham, but bassist Mike Mills has been ill with an ear infection. So far no word on the offical site about whether the gig is going ahead. I know some of you will think REM are a bit square, but remember I am a boring middle aged woman. I wanted to take my kids to a big gig so they could see what it was like, and this is a band that we all know, from the 12 year old daughter to the 40-something year old dad.

The other question is - will I be able to get to Birmingham tonight? I got to work this morning but I can see my car disappearing into the white out in the car park. Will I be able to drive home? Simulated excitement!
breaking bad

Can I get this on a T-shirt?

A few people have linked to this in the last few days, so you might have seen it already. As you know the US is a highly politically divided country at the moment, and one of the organisations who are seen as insufficiently keen on George Bush is the American Association of Retired Persons. This is the advert that was on the American Spectator site, paid for by a rival and more right-wing oldsters organisation (NB the ad seems to have disappeared from the site this morning, but it was there before)

Remember this advert is supposed to make you dislike AARP. In reality it makes them sound like a rather racy group of seniors. Will there be a big fight between the pro-kissing grannies and the aging fascists? Would it look like The Re-enactment of Pearl Harbour by the Batley Townswoman's Guild?

And in a second gratuitous Monty Python pro-kissing reference...

Would you like to come back to my place?

Thanks to Nick for advert links.