February 21st, 2005

breaking bad

Incredibly, this is all true

Who is your Beatle soulmate?
Favorite Color
Your Beatle soulmate is
You met... while you were high
His first thought of you: "A bit grotty, but she's okay."
He will write a song about you FALSE
The song that reminds you of him: Till There Was You
How much does he love you? - 100%
This quiz by Beatles4Ever - Taken 641 Times.
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breaking bad

See yourself going by

Some stuff (books, poems, pop songs whatever) you like a lot. Some stuff when you first encounter it you think *this is mine*. I don't know, it's a different feeling than liking a lot. It's more like - this existed already and nobody told me? Somebody took this stuff out my brain and made it into a TV show? Some examples that come to mind are Blakes 7, Alien and Pablo Neruda.

Anyway. Here are a few pop songs that hit me like that at various ages. Not an exhaustive list.
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