January 25th, 2005

breaking bad

Me Tarzan

I've seen this a few times before. Some biologists believe that the amount of testosterone in your system during development is correlated to the ratio between your ring and index fingers. High testosterone is associated with a ring finger which is as large as, or longer than, one's index finger. This applies to both men and women. Thus women with comparatively long 'ring fingers' are supposed to be better at maths, more likely to be lesbian, less fertile and more assertive. In this study they are also supposed to be better at map reading and parking the car (!!)

Now - you know what I think about this kind of biological determinism. I think it's bollocks. That is - it could be the case, a species could work like that, but it doesn't actually apply to our species. But mostly because I don't fit into this Mummy Bear/ Daddy Bear world view.

Looking at my fingers - my ring finger is a little smaller than my index finger. Am I low testosterone? Then how come I am pretty good at maths, and quite aggressive? (Not so good at parking and woodwork though) Could it be that oestrogen pumps you up just as much as testosterone does? I bet nobody has ever bothered to check.