January 16th, 2005

breaking bad


Bit too wound up to sleep, so blogging. I went to pick up Sam from my ex's house in 'The Wolds' - ie rural Leicestershire. Decided to take short cut down very dark twisty road, hit a glissando of compacted mud and cow-slurry, and spun off the road into a ditch. Smack. Neither Sam nor I hurt - car may or may not be a write off. Bugger.

When the car hit this invisible ice-rink of dung I felt calm. 'Highly illogical: I am steering left but the car is moving to the right'. Alas, I was not calm enough to do what I should have done - start steering the way the car was going. Next I am calmly watching trees and bushes heading towards me, and the brakes don't seem to be working.

Radiohead have a song - 'Airbag' - about walking out of a wrecked car. 'In an interstellar burst, I'm back to save the Universe'. However, I felt nothing like that at all. I just got out the car and me and Sam hugged each other in silence for some time.

Phoned H and my ex, the latter was nearest so he came to pick us up. From his house I phoned a garage that hoiked the car out of the ditch, and carried it home for me. Tomorrow - phoning insurance I suppose. brrr.