January 7th, 2005

breaking bad

24 and torture (no spoilers)

I've been watching the third series of '24' - H bought me a 3-season bumper pack of DVDs for Christmas. Like opium it is very moreish, because each episode ends with a hook, which makes you want to watch 'just one more hour'. I've watched twenty hours real-time so far this week.

I think this third season is at least as good as the two preceding it, which surprised me. Whether any of it will stand up to much repeat viewing I'm not sure, but it rocks along.

What I continue to dislike, though, is the insufficiently - what's the word - 'nuanced' attitude to torture. I've not got a problem with showing people doing bad things. What I don't like is the plot convention that torture can result in two outcomes - the tortured person always has the information required - they can 'hold out' and reveal nothing, or they can cave in and give out the truth.
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