December 29th, 2004

breaking bad


A question which has long plagued me might at last have an answer. What I'm really pleased about is that someone else even sees it as a question to be addressed. I've blogged about this before. I've long believed that the world we encounter is the result of a collapse of possibility brought about by the act of observation. That's a possible answer to why the universe is constructed to favour life (the so-called Anthropic Principle).

In other words the Universe exists, prior to the existence of observing living entities like ourselves, as a cloud of possibility; at the point where that includes the possibility of an observing being all that possibility is collapsed into a fixed state - the phenomenal world which we experience. (I'm saying 'the point where' or 'the time that' because of the limitations of language - it isn't really a point in space and time until after the collapse occurs).

Now the big question for me is - why do we all see the same universe? Or put it another way - did this collapse into fixed reality occur once only, when the first living thing experienced the universe, or does it occur every moment, for every living thing? If we each collapse the universe - why do we all end up looking at the same universe? Why do we seem to share this reality with other creatures like ourselves?
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