December 18th, 2004

breaking bad

I bet you knew I was going to do this

I'm helping with a panel at the Redemption convention on 'Is telepathy possible?' I thought it might be interesting to do an experiment, here at the dark of the year. Here's the plan: I'll post something and lock it security level 'private', so nobody can see it, but livejournal will date-stamp it. Then anyone who wants to help out with the experiment can comment on my journal and/or post on their own, with their guesses as to what my 'hidden' post is about. I won't limit this to lj friends, so if there is anyone you think might be interested, please tell them about it. The more players the better.

In the meantime I'll try and 'broadcast' the hidden thing mentally for a couple of days. If you like you can report dreams, words, ideas or images that come to you in that time.

I'm completely not expecting this to 'work' but at the same time it would be very good fun to see what happens. I'm also very happy for people to make sceptical remarks. If anyone has any opinions or technical drawbacks to bring up, please do.

I will change the security level of the hidden post to 'public' in three days, on the 21st December, the winter solstice. Please do join in if you can. Not you, happytune, because I already told you what I've picked.
breaking bad

Guessed room

I have posted my secret blog entry. Please add your guesses/ telepathic detections in the comments to this post if you want to join in with my experiment.