December 2nd, 2004

breaking bad


I have only fallen asleep once in a cinema - and I wasn't even drunk or nuthin' - that was during Van Helsing. I literally couldn't keep my eyes open. This guy on one of my film review lj communities had the same reaction to the same film.

Have you ever fallen asleep in the cinema?
breaking bad

Panel beater

Redemption is an SF convention taking place 25-27 February in Hinckley (UK Midlands). It's a biannual convention, which was originally very Blakes-7 and Babylon-5 oriented. Now it is somewhat broader, and there's quite a bit of attention to written SF. It's unifying principle is that it is about fans, rather than stars, and active engagement rather than getting autographs etc.

A lovely feature are the panels, where fans discuss a range of SF topics. Two or three somewhat-opinionated people lead the discussion (generally) and then either field questions, or stimulate discussion in the audience. Often the audience/panel distinction breaks down.

I volunteered to be opinionated and I'm going to help out with four panels this time.
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breaking bad

Long trip

My daughter, who is 12, is going on a school trip to Cologne. She leaves at 12.15 am (i.e. just after midnight tonight) and she is away until 6am Monday morning. I'm scared. She's been on overnight trips without me before, but not to another country. I have to let her go, because she wants to. But my imagination runs riot. She's sensible and courageous, but of course innocent about the world. I hope her teachers look after her well.