November 26th, 2004

breaking bad

The Incredibles

I saw the Incredibles a few days ago, and really rated it. If you are thinking of seeing something this weekend you could do a lot worse. The art design is very fine, and the plot and script are good, and the story is exciting and satisfying. I thought it was better than Toy Story, but then it is more in my genre.

What I liked best of all were the renditions of familiar comic-book scenarios - such as a base on a tropical island - in a more realist style. Obviously it's an animation, but the richness of the art work is way beyond anything you would ever get in a printed comic. In particular the quality of the light, in scene after scene, especially twilight. It's beautiful.

If they have to make a Watchmen film, this is definitely how they should do it (IMHO). Take the same content, the visual exposition, and just render it to a higher level. And you could have the comic-within-the comic as a different kind of animated film, within the pixar-style animated film.
breaking bad

Faint emblems of the abyss

Heart of horror. Thoughts on the writing of horror stories, from the notebooks of Thomas Ligotti. Ideas for stories, never worked up, musings on imagination, and the craft of writing.

I would like to reach the point where I can love my imagination for terrorizing me; love it in more than a naive sense, as the surrealists seemed to do.

The Clinic': patient systematically reduced to progressively -- regressively -- cruder forms of life.

Detective writer who cannot bring himself to use the word 'corpse', replacing it in his fiction with entirely arbitrary terms. Readers amused by this quirk at first but soon begin to perceive more and more words as code words for 'corpse'

Those signs, symbols, portents, and omens that traverse the periphery of Villiers' tales. The cry of a bird, an oddly shaped patch of moonlight, each belonging to a separate realm of sound and space, each underlining the awesome presence of their opposites, which in these cases are silence and darkness. The faint emblems of the abyss.

Because they are so short and hasty, I found these half-worked up ideas imginatively engaging.