November 23rd, 2004

breaking bad

Late night incident

I'm up late because a funny thing happened. H is away from home, staying at his dad's house in Derbyshire. I just got a call from the Derbyshire police, saying they were urgently trying to find H, as his car had been found crashed, and they don't know where he is. So, I am petrified, think he's wandered away injured or something. I call his mobile - no answer.

I call his dad's house. H is there. He doesn't know about any incident with his car. It's parked outside.

He goes out to have a look and the car is missing, but there's a disturbance at the bottom of the street. H hasn't put the handbrake on properly, the car has rolled out of the drive, missing his dad's car and the fence posts, and shot off down the hill. It ended up in someone's front garden, looking as if someone had crashed it there, and abandoned it. Thank god nobody was hurt, and there was nothing but minor damage to a few bushes.

Anyway, now I'm a bit too agitated to go to sleep, so I'm blogging about it.