November 20th, 2004

breaking bad

Everything but steering

1. My journal is called "The Ex-Communicator" because it used to be called 'The Great Communicator' . You see, it all makes sense.

2. My subtitle is 'More than Just a Read-through', because I hope it is. And like The Great Communicator, it is a quote from 'Can't Stop'

3. My friends' page is called "Addicted to the shindig'', because Can't Stop/Addicted to the Shindig. You are the shindig.

4. My username is communicator because I couldn't believe nobody had taken that already. Lucky huh?

5. My default userpic is Sandie Shaw right now. She was an English pop star of the 1960s, she used to sing in bare feet - though this picture is taken from a Smiths poster. In general I try to restrict my user pictures to middle aged English people in monochrome, though I do have some others.

6. My LJ "name". Uh what does that mean?