November 19th, 2004

breaking bad


This is a test to estimate where you are on the autistic/asperger's spectrum: the higher the score the more one inclines to that way of thinking. The average is 16. I got 12: I don't really think my mind works in that way. I am extroverted and careless and operate largely by instinct. Interestingly I'm not sure that 'my' end of the continuum has a label (doofus perhaps) though I read an article that suggested it might be more prevalent among women, just as the other end of the emotional spectrum is more common among men.

I think all ends of the human spectrum are important, and that we shouldn't even be thinking that people aspire to be the same as each other. I strongly believe that rather than working towards one model of an 'optimum individual' we should work towards a model of an optimum community, or optimum team, where everyone expresses their individuality. Coincidentally merrymaia has posted a quote that makes the same point:

Kirk: Spock, these cadets of yours - how good are they? How will they respond under real pressure?"
Spock: As with all living things, each according to his gifts.