November 3rd, 2004

breaking bad

Ash Wednesday

Well, I was wrong about the US election. Bush will be an extreme president in his second term, beyond anything we have seen so far. He'll damage the US economy to benefit his own social circle, pursue regressive social policies, and prosecute new and nasty wars. My selfish hope is that cocooned in Europe and Australasia, or by our social networks in the US, my friends and I will be protected from all of this.

I think my friends are wrong in their prediction that the apparatus of democracy will be dismantled in the US. Of course, the end of American democracy isn't even the worst that could happen. The worst is a devastating global war. Again, I don't think it will come to that.
breaking bad

Moving on up

A student from Warwick University approached me yesterday to take part in a study. I have to wear an Actigraph around my waist for a week. It measures how much physical exercise I do. Heaven knows how it works (it says 'by measuring movement through an internal accelerometer'). I explained that a lot of my exercise is in the gymn, and my torso may not be moving that much, but she said it didn't matter, it worked for any kind of exercise. Not sure how, if I'm sitting still lifting weights or cycling. How does it know - for example - whether I've got the exercise machine on a high or low resistance setting? It makes a heck of a difference.