October 28th, 2004

breaking bad

A little lj drama

An American lj user called anniesj made some satirical remarks about Bush on her livejournal. Another lj user (name unknown) reported her to the FBI. She got a visit from the Secret Service. You can read about it here.

My first thought is that the person who reported her is scum. Second thought is it wouldn't happen in this country (but if you think I'm wrong, let me know). Third thought - what if anniesj had been a Muslim? She might have gone to jail.

The Secret Service? Well, they quickly realised she was no threat, and left her alone. She's obviously quite young and middle class, which can't have hurt. I would have thought they could have checked the offending livejournal passage and realised all this without spending resurces on a visit. But perhaps they are just concerned about covering their arses.

From ineke

EDIT: because I am nosey I looked up the google cache for her offending deleted entry, and it was a mock prayer, saying 'Dear God, please kill George Bush. I don't care how you do it, you are the one with awesome powers... etc.' It's not exactly Oscar Wilde admittedly.