October 25th, 2004

breaking bad

hoom hoom

Following on from what I wrote yesterday about George Bush, in the same article Charlie Brooker describes John Kerry as resembling a haunted tree. I think it's a genius description. It never would have occurred to me, but since I've read it, I can't get over it. I'd vote for Kerry if I were in the States, but I have to admit that if I were casting a haunted tree in a film and he turned up at the audition:

'Hi, I'm John Kerry'
'Gentlemen, we have our tree!'
breaking bad

Red Shift

altariel links to this Guardian online discussion with Alan Garner. Almost everything he says resonates with me.

For me, language and land are synonymous; and perhaps, when everything is said and done, others will be able to see that that is what all the books, through the focus on land and language, are concerned for: the healing of schism and then the release back into our anodyne and debased Metropolitan parochial argot of a marginalized linguistic power.

Red Shift had a very intense effect on me when I read it as a child. I could tell there was some sort of power in there. The Stone Book Quartet and Strandloper too, when I read them as an adult. They give me a physical buzz.

How the hell do I get to the end of this book?" (Answer: by not fighting it. A lesson never learnt.)