October 24th, 2004

breaking bad

Dolly back, fade to black

Charlie Brooker is a gonzo TV reviewer in the Guardian. Put him in context - he used to review computer games for a zine; he's my teenage son's favourite journalist. He writes stuff like this.
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But - uh-oh - this week he criticised George Bush. At some length.

He blinks, he mumbles, he lets a sentence trail off, starts a new one, then reverts back to whatever he was saying in the first place. Each time he recalls a statistic (either from memory or the voice in his head), he flashes us a dumb little smile, like a toddler proudly showing off its first bowel movement. Forgive me for employing the language of the playground, but the man's a tool.

Oh, man. The US blogs got hold of it, and they went ape-shit.
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