October 20th, 2004

breaking bad

It raineth every day

I have thick curtains, which cut out the light and noise from outdoors. But somehow my body knows that it's raining, and I can't wake up. Yesterday it took me half an hour to get out of bed, stagger to the window, and look out and see that it was pouring with rain. But how does my body know before I do? And why does it go on strike?
breaking bad

It came from outer space

Look what is happening at Warwick Arts Centre. Sat 13 Nov 8:00pm.

Cleveland's eternal cult band Pere Ubu , led by howling lead singer David Thomas, have been doing their unique brand of nonlinear experimental garage synth-pop since 1975... Futuristic and retro at the same time, Pere Ubu are the perfect group to accompany the 3D screening of the cult classic It Came from Outer Space.

I'll be going to that.

EDIT - forgot. Not sure if anyone is in the area but this is the link


Let me know if you are going.
breaking bad

Don't have nightmares

I don't think a film review has ever given me a nightmare before. It was Peter Bradshaw's review of the new Korean horror film, Oldboy. The protagonist, to demonstrate his psychopathic bona fides, eats a live baby octopus. I have a horrible feeling that this was not simulated. I had a bad dream about it.