October 5th, 2004

breaking bad

A kind of magick

My imaginary literary boyfriend, Michel Faber, reviewed Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell in the Guardian last Saturday.

His feelings are mixed. He thinks it is 'rather good.. archly Austenesque tone (archbishopm - avoid this book like the plague, ed) winning use of the supernatural, drollness to spare, elegantly crafted'


'Nothing much to say... low emotional temperature... eerily bloodless... the flesh never intrudes.'

he concludes

'This book is likely in the months ahead to be enveloped in a swirling haze of acclaim. Only when this initial enchantment has worn off may this inventive, frequently delightful novel open up to reveal its desolate spirit, and its fear of the very forces it purports to celebrate.'

You see this is why I adore him, not because he physically suits me, but because I share his values: flesh, emotion, fearless engagement.

EDIT I should clarify, I don't mean I am wonderfully fearless, just that I value it