September 28th, 2004

breaking bad

whose strenuous tongue can burst Joy's grape against his palate fine

Last year on National Poetry Day, Nick of What You Can Get Away With organised a poetry blogburst (that's a better word than meme isn't it?). You post a poem on your blog (original or quoted) and let him know, and he posts a link on the day on his blog.

This year he is doing it again. National Poetry Day is on October 7th (a week on Thursday) and the theme is Food. Hence the title of this post. Well, grapes are food aren't they?
breaking bad

just relief

Nos passes on the news that Gordon Brown is going to cancel the third world debt (well, the part of it that is owed to Britain anyway). It feels like having a rotten tooth drawn. I hated the fact that the poorest people in the world were giving us millions of pounds that they could ill afford, and which we frankly didn't need from them. This, and the minimum wage, is why I vote Labour.

France and Canada are due to follow suit.
breaking bad

Sean of the Dead

I notice that Sean of the Dead has been released on the other side of the Atlantic now, and that various US bloggers are posting positive reviews.

viz'When I walked out of that movie, I immediately said to my friend, "People are going to be watching that movie thirty years from now." Funny, scary, and completely original.'

Recommended to anyone who hasn't seen it yet, though I thought the fight to the death scene at the end could have been a lot more intense. Dylan Moran the icon man gets disemboweled though.