September 14th, 2004

breaking bad

Couple of predictions

Couple of predictions:

Looks like Bush will win the next US presidential election. My prediction is that ultimately the Republican Party will wish they had lost this election. I think Bush's second term will expose his administration in such stark terms that their shortcomings will be obvious even to the most trusting and inattentive voter. Things will go Too Far, and the Republicans will be discredited and out of power for decades.

I predict we will find out why Blair has backed Bush throughout this fiasco. In the 1960's President Johnson tried to pressurise Harold Wilson (British Labour PM of the day) into supporting the invasion of Vietnam. He did this by threatening economic sanctions, and these threats were indeed carried out when Wilson refused to send British soldiers to 'Nam. The result in the short term was a sterling crisis, but in the long term LBJ suffered politically while Wilson remained in power for most of the next decade. Harold Wilson was probably the cleverest person to ever hold PM office in Britain. My guess is that Blair was subject to similar threats, but didn't have the strength to withstand them. I believe he was attempting to defend our interests, but I think he blew it. We may never know.
breaking bad

Pulp Fiction

Here are some ravishing pulp fiction paperback covers, conveniently arranged by genre.
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And here are some straplines.

Bayou Babe - She was a teaser to end all teasers - but she didn't stop at teasing!
Beatnik Wanton - She lusted in sin orgies and reefer brawls!
Born for Sin - Her life was a hopeless slide into a nightmare of lust!
Farm Girl - She lived like a wicked, little animal
Flowers and Flesh - When hippies hold a sin-in, it's all -
Harlem Model - She was tall, tan, torrid and too hot to handle
Hot Dam - The woods had gone wild with murderers, salacious Scots, and kidnapers in kilts
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From Vitamin Q .