September 12th, 2004

breaking bad

As it happened

Historical metafilter thread that developed on September 11th 2001, as the news came in of the attack. Look at the times of the comments. People reacting in real time.

Reading this helped me to remember how crushing and sickening that day was. And that feeling lasted for not days but weeks afterwards. I remember going to see 'Moulin Rouge' - I can't remember how soon after that day. And in the foyer of the cinema as I walked out I realised that I had been smiling during the film (at the performance of 'Like A Virgin') and I felt guilty, and thought that was the first time I had smiled since the terrible events. It affected us all like that didn't it?

The comments in the thread are fascinating. Many of them very intelligent, working out what had probably happened, what the effects on the world would be.
breaking bad


Last year on this blog I posted something about the partial birth abortion ban, which Bush had just signed. I said that, although the procedure sounded ghastly, it was sometimes necessary to surgically remove a child from the uterus, very late in pregnancy, and that doctors should continue to have access to this grim procedure, because the alternatives were even more grim.

A very eloquent woman has now posted of her experiences, Collapse )

Incidentally, this has made me think again about a philosophical issue which I think has quite wide implications: to what extent should the fact that you think something is disgusting or repulsive influence whether you think it is right or wrong. Sometimes disgust is a good indicator for avoidance, but sometimes visceral disgust is just an unexamined prejudice. Wombs are disgusting, blood is disgusting, dead babies are disgusting. So make this woman suffer.