September 6th, 2004

breaking bad

Political rantings

I haven't posted about the seige in Beslan because it is too upsetting and I haven't anything useful or sensible to say. I wrote a couple of posts and junked them. It makes us all feel miserable and helpless doesn't it?

I hear that 1/10 of the population of Chechnya has been killed since 1995. I think we tend to ignore the deaths of children in 'legitimate' conflicts and as a result of preventable starvation and illness, throughout the world. I think we should stop turning a blind eye to these hidden deaths. This in no way downplays the severity of non-hidden deaths like these. They are all of a piece. I expect that burying your children drives people insane.

Secondly, from the other side, I think it is most likely that the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia are indirectly behind these terrible events. I think money from sections of the extensive Saudi Royal Family has funded these actions. The Saudis are not starving, they are not oppressed by any other government. I believe that the Wahhabi cult is a poisonous blight, firstly on its own country, and now on the rest of humanity. The West's pandering to the Wahhabis and the oppressive Saudi Arabian government is a pathetic counterbalance to the anti-Moslem hyperbole which tries to blame events on humble religious people around the world.
breaking bad

Best films by actors

From faramir_boromir this meme has just wasted most of my morning. A list of actors: say which of their films you like best. I have taken it as the film I like best, not the performance which I like best. I like meme's like this because they give me an excuse to reminisce about fims and actors I like.

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