August 16th, 2004

breaking bad

Now, that's what I call Caracas

Brief follow-up on the Venezuelan elections. My man Chavez was reaffirmed in the referendum, by a comfortable margin and with an increased turnout.
There do seem to have been some shenanigans. A hoax press release was sent, announcing his defeat, but was found to originate in Virgina, USA, rather than Venezuela. More details here.

"There are also reports coming in of phony election results being broadcast on Venezuelan television, and rigged exit polls organized by the very people who supported an unsuccessful coup against Chavez in 2002 -- an organization funded by the US government through the National Endowment for Democracy. Your tax dollars at work

This is the eighth time Mr Chavez's mandate as leader has been approved since 1998, after two presidential elections and six referendums. So back off, Bush.
breaking bad

who's in ruttin' command here

Another follow-up to an earlier post. I was talking about how I liked Adam Baldwin as Jayne in Firefly much more than Ron Perlman as Johnner in Alien Resurrection, although in the scripts the two characters are almost identical.

I've just remembered that in the director's commentary Whedon says that originally Baldwin played Jayne 'as big as possible'. I can't remember the exact expression, but basically as a huge offensive bastard like Johnner. Then Whedon told him to change tack. He said 'every character thinks he is the hero of the story', and told Baldwin to play Jayne as if he was the hero of Firefly. I think this direction helped the actor to make more of the part.

It also shows how important direction is, because I think it unlikely that Baldwin is inherently a better actor than Perlman: he just got better instruction about what to do with the same part.
breaking bad

May god's curse light upon you all

nwhyte quotes an admirably candid letter sent by Anthony Henley MP to his Southamptom constituency in 1773. Apparently some of his voters had asked him to speak up for their interests in Parliament on the subject of excise duty.


I received yours and am surprised at your insolence in troubling me about the excise. You know what I very well know, that I bought you.

And I know well what perhaps you think I don't know, that you are now selling yourselves to somebody else.

And I know what you don't know, that I am buying another borough.

May God's curse light on you all.

May your houses be as open and as common to all excise officers as your wives and daughters were to me when I stood for your scoundrel corporation.