August 6th, 2004

breaking bad

What are we going to do - clone him?

I read the Alien 4 script. You can tell Whedon was developing the Firefly concept as he wrote it. It could almost pass as a 'Firefly/Alien' crossover fanfic. The smugglers are almost the Firefly crew. But the only character, interestingly, who is retained more or less intact between this script and the eventual Firefly series is Jayne, whose character is called 'Johner' in Alien 4, and played by Ron Perlman.

Reading the script without the intrusive ugly-factor introduced by Mr Perlman (bless him) made the similarity of the two characters more obvious than it was watching the film.

Also made me think - just how superficial am I? Seriously, I like Jayne, and I didn't like Johner (no more than any other character anyway). And there's only one difference between them: Adam Baldwin has a pretty face, Ron Perlman is butt-ugly (IMDB comment 'Frequently appears as characters who are deformed or not human'). Tragic isn't it?

To be fair I think there's a bit more to it than that. Don't you think it's more interesting if a character has characteristics that point in different directions (no, I am not scrabbling for justification)? And a lot of what I like about Jayne is that he acts like ugly Johner, but is unaware that he's a cutie-pie. Having a girl's name kind of rubs it in.