July 18th, 2004

breaking bad

sf novels

oooh another list from nwhyte. I like them because they make me think about stuff I have read. 100 though - why are they always 100 - too many.
bold = read, italic = couldn't or haven't finished. I have read 55 of these. I avoid religious or libertarian SF (though I make an exception for Neal Stephenson), and I don't really like Asimov.
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breaking bad

No point rushing into things

Why am I posting lists to this journal? Because I am being a typical gruff idiot who avoids talking about her feelings.

Yesterday H and I were married. We've been together 14 years - we moved in together during Italia 90 (you remember, Paul Gascoigne crying, Stuart Pearce fluffing a penalty - ermmm, I'm avoiding again aren't I?). We are both the sort of people who don't like too much fuss, and aren't bothered about ceremony. However I started to worry slightly about a bunch of implications: H is nearly 50 now, and I worry if he ever gets ill, or if in any other way we need to have proper legal standing.

So, in any case, we had a quiet civil ceremony yesterday, with just immediate family in attendance. And what happened? - I started blubbing like a fool. I don't know if this happens very often, but I couldn't speak for several minutes when it was my turn. I was so embarrassed.

Afterwards we had hired a floating restaurant barge and we sailed up and down the Grand Union Canal with aforesaid immediate family. It was a pleasant day.