July 7th, 2004

breaking bad


Intuition: mental processing that isn't accompanied by a conscious trace. Conscious thought leaves a neural track: as you work something out, you also lay down a memory trace of that process. If someone asked you what you were thinking about you could tell them. Unconscious processing is like electricity, the processing just shoots through, without any of the laborious mirroring and tracing, so it's very quick. It also means intuition is a black box, which we can't see into.
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I think Intuitive people have different tactics for engaging their intuition. Some seek out panic and time-pressure. Others need peace and relaxation. I find walking is good trigger. Also I sort of shake myself (mentally) as if to say 'wake up hoss, we gotta go for a ride'.
breaking bad

The Long Firm

Those watching TV in the UK. On BBC2 at 9pm there is a dramatisation of a truly excellent novel: The Long Firm by Jake Arnott.

It's about sex, gangsters, money and entertainment; about how Britain changed into a new sort of place in the sixties. The 'Long Firm' is a sort of con, the aristocracy, the Tory Party, a sexual innuendo, the criminal subculture (at least). I don't know what the drama will be like, but the book is superb (apart from the last couple of chapters, which suck).