June 14th, 2004

breaking bad

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So, OK, I said I support England because in some odd way I sort of relish the anguish? Well, this time they have gone TOO FUCKING FAR.

They fought back, despite being outgunned. They managed to pull off an incredible team-effort result about half way through. You would think they could secure their lead but it doesn't work out. And then in the last couple of minutes it all goes to pieces; the big guy makes a stupid error, and with a few cruel shots it's all over: you sit there stunned. How could they do this to me?

But enough about Blakes 7. That England result was appalling. Why, oh why, oh why did Sven take Wayne Rooney off?

breaking bad


Firefly. I think the best word to describe it is 'charming'. Funny, engaging, and with nice characters. I thought the plots were a bit thin, and the pacing sometimes a bit strange. And the fight scenes were sort of odd; they weren't much like real fighting. Still, does that necessarily matter? Very glad I watched it, and will now re-watch. Sorry that it got cancelled. If the film goes ahead and is popular I suppose it may be resurrected?

I commented to Calle that characters in SF stories are more like real people than characters in dramas set in the present day. Or perhaps what I really mean is that the people I know act like characters in an SF series.