June 13th, 2004

breaking bad

More on Abu Ghraib

I've posted quite a bit about how I think the rape of men should be taken seriously - this is a very strong view. Some people have commented that the argument has been won in respect of abuse of women: that nobody believes it is a trivial subject. Here is a post from Pinko Feminist Hellcat about the systematic rape of women at Abu Ghraib.

Khamas and two other human rights workers have all said separately that three young rural women from the Sunni Muslim region of Al-Anbar, west of Baghdad, had been killed by their families after coming out of Abu Ghraib pregnant, Middle East Online reported.

So, it has been going on extensively enough and for long enough that several women have already been killed for being pregnant. Note that this story does not put Iraqi culture in a very good light, so it is unlikely to be simple propaganda. I have also heard that videos of Iraqi women being raped are available on porn sites. But who is protesting about it? We know that those abused include women in their seventies, and recently I have also heard rumours that children have been raped, in order to put pressure on their parents.