June 9th, 2004

breaking bad

Inviting submissions

Not sure if you know, but changeling press invite submissions for erotic stories written in an SF or fantasy context. Here is a list of some of their latest releases. I know some of you write that kind of thing.

I got this from info from an lj community which I just stumbled on called specficmarkets, with market info for writers of SF and fantasy. This may be useful to some of you?
breaking bad


I hope I am not nationalistic in any offensive way. I am however fiercely pro-England whenever an international football tournament is underway. Perhaps because the England team is beautiful, courageous and damned. If we won anything it wouldn't be so poignant: if we lost everything it wouldn't be so tantalising. If I didn't suffer so much, it wouldn't be so enjoyable.

I recommend BBC TV and radio coverage. For second best the Guardian live web coverage, which is funny.

Bracing myself for the agony to commence.