June 8th, 2004

breaking bad

Not a homage

It has come to my attention that Ronald Reagan was known in the US as 'The Great Communicator'. Humph. No reference intended in the name of this blog. I have two strong opinions about Reagan's regime:

'Reaganomics' = tax cuts paid for by running up massive debts, with a figleaf of public service downgrading
Reagan's foreign policy = prop up the most brutal regimes on the planet, and fund mercenary death squads

We, globally, are paying the proce of these two policies to this day. A generation grew up in the third world, under the threat of torture and starvation because of the economic and political strategies used by Reagan and Thatcher.

I got the name of my blog from this lyric.
breaking bad

Minor operation

H is going into hospital today for minor surgery. General anaesthetic but he should get out the same day. I'm able to sit with him, except when he is actually on the table. I'm more scared about this than when I had surgery last year, though I know it will be OK.